Cinovate is a vision leader for Private Equity/Venture Capital solutions built on the platform.

Private Equity

The Cinovate Private Equity Solution provides an enhanced experience specifically tailored to the Deal Management and Investor Relations needs of small to medium sized Private Equity firms. Leverage Cinovate’s deep industry expertise to get your firm up and running in a quick and cost-effective manner.

360° View of Relationships

Cinovate’s Private Equity Solution is a central repository of all relationships, allowing users to view all interactions, deals, ideas, and important touch points with prospect/portfolio companies, limited partners, and intermediaries/service providers to truly understand the value of these relationships to the firm.

Deal Tracking and Origination

Cinovate’s Private Equity Solution assists you to efficiently manage all deal activity, focusing on capturing the right information while making it easy for deal team members to input information, improving management’s visibility into these activities.

LP Fundraising

Cinovate’s Private Equity Solution assists you with managing investments by Partners and Fund, allowing users to track key milestones, activities, and relate key contacts.

Accelerate Complex Multi-Step Processes

Cinovate’s Private Equity Solution saves firms hours of repetitive work every day with built-in workflows that increase efficiency, contributing to greater profitability. Data-driven workflows can coordinate and accelerate the numerous steps and stakeholders involved in critical processes.

Gain Visibility into Business Performance

Cinovate’s Private Equity Solution provides visibility into business performance and the true value of existing or new relationships to the firm, allowing your firm to make more informed decisions.

Because Cinovate’s solution is delivered on the platform, financial professionals are able to focus on growing their business instead of managing software technology.

Cinovate has done a great job working with Iron Data to implement Salesforce and the Cinovate - PSA across a number of divisions. The Cinovate team listened to our needs while pushing us to transform where it makes sense. They remain an ongoing partner to us and we continue to use them as we roll Salesforce out across our operation. - Will Anderson, EVP, Iron Data