One common view of an advisor in the cloud; tailored solutions to manage workflow for wholesalers and inside reps.

Mutual Fund Wholesaling

To compete in today's crowded market, mutual fund wholesaling firms need to get smarter about resource allocation and take a more strategic approach to managing broker-dealer channels. To achieve this, they need better insight into broker relationships and profitability.

Cinovate’s Mutual Fund Wholesaling Application is an industry-specific solution that enables fund wholesalers to develop a deep understanding of broker profitability, strengthen and cultivate broker relationships, and streamline business processes for improved productivity.

Cinovate’s CRM for Mutual Fund Wholesaling enables fund wholesalers to increase their efficiencies and productivity, leading to greater overall profitability. Its flexible platform allows it to be seamlessly connected to the entire firm, including back-office financial systems. With an industry-tailored client relationship management system that mirrors the business processes and data models commonly used by mutual fund wholesalers, companies can accelerate the return on their investment and lower their total cost of ownership.

360° View of Relationships

Establish a central repository of all relationships to provide a 360-degree view of Dealer, Advisor, and Branch information. Enable your organization to acquire deep knowledge and facilitate collaboration; build and maintain strong, lasting customer relationships.

Understand Sources of Profitability

Cinovate Mutual Fund Wholesaling Application enables inside and outside fund wholesalers to determine which brokers are performing best, which funds are selling well, and where they're selling. It also enables fund wholesalers to roll up information to analyze profitability and performance at the firm, branch, and broker level for greater insight.

Track Interactions

Manage interactions effectively at the Advisor and Branch level, providing visibility across all users into internal touch points.

Accelerate Complex Multi-Step Processes

Cinovate’s Mutual Fund Wholesaling Application saves firms hours of repetitive work every day with built-in workflows that increase efficiency, contributing to greater profitability. Data-driven workflows can coordinate and accelerate the numerous steps and stakeholders involved in critical processes such as account setup and research distribution.

Gain Visibility into Business Performance

Gain visibility into business performance and the true value of existing or new relationships to the firm, allowing Executives to make more informed decisions.

Data Integration

Import Sales and AUM information on daily basis from any source to provide performance metrics, generate new trade alerts, and report on performance at the Advisor, Branch, and Dealer level. Ensure that data is associated appropriately based on single/joint rep codes.

Mobile Access

Cinovate Mutual Fund Wholesaling Application enables users to access information from a PDA. to provide the out-of-office support required by external sales.

Because Cinovate’s solution is delivered on the platform, financial professionals are able to focus on growing their business instead of managing software technology.

Cinovate has done a great job working with Iron Data to implement Salesforce and the Cinovate - PSA across a number of divisions. The Cinovate team listened to our needs while pushing us to transform where it makes sense. They remain an ongoing partner to us and we continue to use them as we roll Salesforce out across our operation. - Will Anderson, EVP, Iron Data